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District 6· Problem Oriented Public Safety

The State Patrol’s style of community policing is called Problem Oriented Public Safety, or POPS. The foundation of POPS is based on a philosophy of taking the concerns of the motoring public by addressing persistent problems. When a problem is identified by a citizen, trooper, or anyone with a concern, the POPS trooper works with other agencies and groups to develop the best achievable solution to address the origin of the problem. Solutions to various problems may range from simply educating the public to major construction projects.

Current POPS Projects in District 6

There are no projects at this time.


  • Alert inattentive drivers of the approaching intersection and stop sign.
  • Educate High School students on Drug and Alcohol awareness and behavioral choices.

A collaborative task force was set up with external and internal stakeholders to review data and establish a plan of action.  Stakeholders identified were: WSDOT, Grant County Public Works, Grant County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO), Moses Lake PD, Ephrata PD, Soap Lake PD, and the Grant County Traffic Safety Team.  

The data showed the collisions were spread throughout Grant County but a higher than average number of collisions was occurring between Moses Lake, Ephrata and the Soap Lake area.  Fatal collisions occurred mainly in the summer months and a higher than average number of the fatality and injury collisions occurred between 1200-1900. 

Strategies Discussed to address the problem:

  • Establish a “South Region Strike Team”, consisting of one trooper from each of the four detachments (possibly a great use of the ADAT vehicles).  The team would target high collision areas at the time of day/day of week identified in the analysis.  The team would be utilized during the summer months (peak fatality/serious injury collisions season).
  • Troopers were directed to work the high collision areas north of Moses Lake during the problem hours, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.  Use statistical data to verify Troopers are working hot spot areas and if not refocus their attention to areas of interest based on data.
  • Basin Detachment Sergeants discussed the problem areas with our partners at the Grant County Traffic Safety meeting to include Moses Lake PD and Grant County SO.  Both were willing to assist with WTSC emphasis patrols in those problem areas.

This project in currently in the Response Phase.

Major Programs and Services:

Child Restraint Inspections:

District 6 has led local efforts to establish child restraint inspection teams and organize child restraint safety clinics in Wenatchee, Ellensburg, Okanogan, and the Columbia Basin. The goal of the safety teams is to make the public more aware of child restraint issues such as the proper placement and adjustment of child safety seats within the vehicle as well as the correct steps when placing the child in the seat. This is done through organized car seat inspection clinics as well as educational seminars and public training forums. More than 98% of the seats inspected are improperly installed. It is because of these facts that the safety teams have successfully provided more than 635 child seats (obtained by grants from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission and the Safety Restraint Coalition) to families that would otherwise not have been able to afford the protection. For more information concerning child passenger safety, contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) at or the Washington State Safety Restraint Coalition at

Washington Traffic Safety Task Force Teams:

Three traffic safety task force teams have been established:

  • The Chelan/Douglas Target Zero Traffic Safety Task Force
  • The Basin Traffic Safety Task Force
  • The Kittitas County Traffic Safety Task Force
Each task force is comprised of representatives from a diverse group of law enforcement agencies who combine their resources and select problem areas where their joint efforts will improve public safety. Through the WTSC we have worked special seatbelt, DUI, Speed, and Booster Seat emphasis. Our partnership with WTSC and our local Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) are extremely important for the success of all joint emphasis.

POPS Coordinator

  • Lieutenant Kevin Overbay
    2822 Euclid Avenue - Wenatchee WA 98801-5916
    Phone: (509) 682-8102 - Fax: (509) 682-8170

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